Can I register without a Glasgow Young Scot card?
Yes. To use the web site and exchange your points you must have a Glasgow Young Scot card or a Q-card.

What happens if I lose my Glasgow Young Scot card/Q-card?
See your Catering Manager in the Fuel Zone to order a replacement card or visit

What is my username and password?
Your username and password is chosen by you. Choose your username and password when you register on this site.

How do I exchange points for rewards?
Once you are registered with the scheme visit the Rewards section of this web site, choose your reward, and follow the checkout procedure. Ensure your address details are correct. 

When are my points uploaded for school each day?
All points are generally updated the day after purchase.

What if I forget my Glasgow Young Scot card when using the Fuel Zone?
The same procedure will apply as it does at present. This might be different in each school.

Will my points balance be carried over when I change years in school?
No, all points will be reset in the summer and during the Christmas break.

Will my points balance be carried over after Christmas each year?
No, all points will be reset at the very end of December. The system operates on two distinct periods Aug-Dec and Jan-June each year.

How long will the current rewards last?
The current rewards will run till the end of term (31 December/ 4 July).

I am finding it difficult to add items to my shopping cart and there is nothing in the checkout?
Make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. For specific help please refer to your browser help information.

What if I forget my user name and password?
Please see your catering manager who will be able to get this information for you or email

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