Listed below are the Fuel Zone/Glasgow Young Scot Reward scheme terms and conditions. If you have any questions about these terms, or any other related issue, please write to us at the following address:

ICT and Marketing Department
Cordia (Services) LLP
Blair Court, 100 Borron Street

1.  The Fuel Zone Points Reward Scheme (the scheme) is administered by and remains the property of  Cordia (Services) LLP, who reserve the right to decline issue or withdraw the scheme at any time without notice.

2.  All participants in the scheme must be secondary school pupils within a Glasgow City Council run school. 

3.  The Glasgow Young Scot card / Q-card is not transferable, and can only be used by the person whose name is on the card.
4.  Members may be removed from the scheme at any time at the discretion of Cordia (Service) LLP.
5.  To earn points for a transaction in the Fuel Zone, your card must be presented at the till point.

6. Pupils should only use their card to purchase food for their own consumption. Regular checks are carried out and pupils found to be buying food for others to accumulate points will receive no reward.

7. A maximum of 12 points can be awarded each day.

8.  Rewards can only be redeemed if you have the appropriate number of points on your card.

9. A reward can be removed/replaced without notice, and are subject to availability.

10. Should a reward become unavailable Cordia (Services) LLP reserve the right to send an equivalent replacement.

11. Rewards run from August - December, and January - June each year.

12. Remaining points will be reset back to zero at the end of each term (December and June).




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